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"Every note, phrase, tone color, and impact of pick and/or finger on string will send shivers down your spine. You’d have to be dead or deaf not to be moved by the beautiful noises you’ll hear on this loud and proud CD."
Michael Molenda
Editor in Chief

"Sound is uniformly excellent overall, a tribute to Tarquin's use of analog recording & mixing. There is still nothing quite like the sound of music recorded on tape."
Eric Shoaf
Vintage Guitar Magazine

"...while Brian can play with speed of Steve Vai, he can play with the kind of grace and melody someone like Jeff Beck is known for."
Larry Crane
Tape Op Magazine

"A supreme maestro of the Gold Top and Marshall Stack, Brian Tarquin presents his Fretworx, a solo album laced with guest appearances with some of the hottest gun slingers around today, all adding up to an exquisite journey fueled by steel and wood..."
Hal Lindes
Dire Straits

"An incredibly enjoyable listening experience that will leave you inspired and breathless. Offering up a diverse menu of musical styles that truly celebrates incredible guitar tone and unbelievable chops. A must have for any guitar geek, gear head, tone junkie, or guitar enthusiast who can appreciate guitar passion and emotion"...
Trent Salter
Publisher, Premier Guitar

"Brian Tarquin is not only a guitar shredder of the highest order, he's also a great producer...the tunes and performances are first rate."
Eric Harabadian
Progression Magazine

"Brian intertwines his incredible guitar playing on each track of this instantly classic and awe-inspiring guitar compilation. "
Truth In Shredding

"Heavily influenced by Vai and Satriani, Tarquin has a deft touch"
Get Ready To Rock

"So if you are looking for a bit of inspiration or just want to hear some of the greats doing what they do best check out Guitar Masters Vol 1."
Guitar Noize

If you like your rock 'n' roll loud and your guitarists heroic, you will get on famously with Brian Tarquin and relish every release from his label, Bohemian Productions, a.k.a. BHP Music.
Chris Walsh
Pro Audio Review

"Manhattan native Emmy winning composer/guitarist and BHP Records owner Brian Tarquin brought together a group of artists that reads like a who's who of the guitar world on his latest project, Fretworx.
Bernard Baur
Music Connection

"Guitar Masters, Vol. 1 aggressively celebrates the art of guitar and bass by serving up 18 tracks of unfettered and often astonishing brilliance. Through these fascinating lineups and one-of-a-kind performances, you intimately hear and feel the guitar as an always evolving, ever-magical apparatus of passion, guts, and sensitivity.”
Michael Molenda
Guitar Player Magazine

“On Guitar Mastars Vol 1 each cut has something new and adventurous to add to our listening experience. Guitarists should be in heaven with this one, as it is definitely good to the last drop. Hopefully many volumes will follow this inaugural disc.”
John Heidt
Vintage Guitar Magazine

"...all of the guitarists featured on El Becko are phenomenal...the material is inspired and chock full of technique that will wow you – much like any album from Beck himself."

"Jeff Beck has always lived his musical life on the edge, never afraid to experiment with sounds and textures. I think he would be proud of the work that went into this undertaking. El Becko is a winner from start to finish."
Classic Rock Revisted

"If you are fan of excellent guitar playing then Fretworx will satisfy your inner rock nerd, guaranteed."
Classic Rock Revisted

"A superb tribute to Led Zeppelin. One of the greatest rock instrumental albums in recent memory."
20th Century Guitar magazine

"The classic guitar sound of Jimi Hendrix as visualized for 21st century ears...Third Stone From The Sun is just the sort of album that Jimi himself would dig."
20th Century Guitar magazine

"All the players faithfully recreate the original records, but also inject their own personalities into the songs...shows the incredible influence Clapton has had on a whole generation."
John Heidt
Vintage Guitar magazine

"Within these musical portraits, talented guitar players interpret Stevie’s music and capture in instrumental form the caliber of his brilliance as well as the fundamental essence of his music."
Eric Shoaf
Vintage Guitar magazine

WOW!!! Thank u from all my heart for both wonderful cd's sent,Brian!!! Man..they are sensational..and you have really a mission to spread to the world some amazing albums focused on guitar...because you are a fantastic guitar player,man!!! Towers is simply one of the most impressive songs thet I've heared,believe me..it's impressive,touching and superbly played!!!

"...keep on rippin' those licks, bro - you're a fretburner of the first order, as well as a producer and "compiler" - kudos, man...WELL DONE!"
Your Musical Brother,
Jimmy Ryan
The Flyin' Ryan Brothers